The quick guide to getting on Netflix

Come all you TV junkies and get onboard the biggest streaming ship

Ah, Netflix. It’s a nice and roomy bandwagon if you want to get on so here’s a quick guide on getting started and things you need/want to know.

How much does it cost?

Netflix offers three subscription plans, costing RM33, RM42 and RM51. The basic plan will allow you to watch it on just one device and only in standard definition. The next step up gives you HD resolution and a maximum of two screens while the most expensive plan will give you HD and Ultra HD as well as support for four devices at a time.

What’s the catalogue like?

You’ll get all of Netflix’s original content but certain shows or films will be missing. Some are because of licensing deals signed by other providers, some because of regional restrictions. Missing content include House of Cards, The Flash, Agents of Shield, Django Unleashed, New Girl, Attack on Titan, Breaking Bad and Naruto.

If a smaller Asian catalogue doesn’t bother you, this is how you get started.