Put the ghosts of XP to rest by killing Clippy

Fun Microsoft game gently reminds you to leave the outdated operating system behind
Kill Clippy, finally put the ghosts of XP to rest in fun Microsoft game

Know someone who still can't let go of Microsoft XP? Maybe a gentle push in the form of this hilarious game by Microsoft called Escape from XP might do the trick.

Microsoft has finally ended support and updates for the operating system, which means that holding onto XP means a big security risk for you, no matter how many antiviruses you load up onto your machine. And most newer software is phasing out support for XP anyhow so it's high-time for an upgrade, people.

Back to the game, it is quaint and dated (just like XP), simulating the experience of using an old computer with XP running on it...until the guns come out.

Shoot the relics, shoot them all

Shoot the relics, shoot them all

First thing when you go to the site, the familiar Windows XP bootup song sounds, followed by the famed Blue Screen of Death. Resist the urge to restart.

Then the game proceeds to bring in a whole mass of enemies for you to take down, including the most annoying Microsoft invention after Windows ME: Clippy.

The keys W, A, S, and D are your friends to move around, and are controlled via the spacebar and arrow keys.

Give the game a whirl here.

[Source: Time]