Puma Is Bringing Back Their 1986 Computerised Running Shoes

Anyone remembers this gem?

The 80s was an astounding time for those looking to the future, innovations were happening left and right in the fields of computers and tech, and many more industries tried to follow suit. Famous shoe brand Puma tried their hand at this sort of innovation back in 1986, and now folks in 2018 can finally enjoy their fruits of labor from decades ago. 

Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads

The 1986 RS-Computer shoe was truly ahead of its time, having a chunky holding space for a microchip to record all your statistics. While it may be common now for running shoes to have microchips built-in and have them record your time, speed and other measurements, Puma went ahead with all that in their RS-Computing shoes back in the 80s. An instead of a mobile app to see all your stats, the shoe could connect Apple IIE, Commodore 64, or IBM PC to view all their progress in running. 

Looking McFly

This new rerelease of the RS-Computer running shoes comes with more modern innovations that you would aspect in this day and age, all while keeping that fresh, chunky look from the 80s. It has a three-axis accelerometer, a USB port for charging, LED indicators, and Bluetooth functionalities that will allow you to connect to your smartphones. While Marty McFly's futuristic Nikes may be the most iconic 80s shoe, the RS-Computer running shoes might just be a close second.

These shoes are available in limited quantities in Puma stores in Berlin, Tokyo, London and a few select retailers. The reissued 1986 Puma RS-Computer running shoes go on sale on the 13th of December.