You Can Now Book The PS5 At Only RM99.90 In Malaysia

Be the first to own the PlayStation 5, (a portion of it)

Gamers Hideout has recently posted on their social media in which they are accepting pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 at only RM99.90. This means that any of you who are set on purchasing the PS4's successor can do so almost immediately!

While we had certainly confirmed that this is legit, you can also give them a call or visit their physical branches to be sure. 

The final price of the PS5 isn't confirmed but according to TechNave, it might be priced slightly above RM2000 for the Malaysian market. But that remains hazy at the moment. 


Want one? Well, RM99.90 is pretty much a steal and on the bright side, you get to be the first people to officially own it - albeit just a portion of it.