PS Vita TV could stream PS3 games

Sony's tiny console could "technically" support cloud streaming of PS3 titles via Gaikai
Sony PS Vita TV

Sony's pint-sized PlayStation Vita TV could stream PS3 games from the cloud, as well as streaming PS4 titles direct from Sony's next-gen console.

That's according to Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House, who notes in an interview with TechOn that, "Technically, the PS Vita TV can support [PS3] games. Therefore, SCE is considering providing PS3 games to the PS Vita TV by using the service in the future."

Sony's already revealed that the PlayStation 4 will be capable of streaming PS3 titles from the cloud using its Gaikai service, and the PS Vita TV looks to be taking a similar approach.

It's sure to irk some gamers who resent the lack of backwards compatibility on the PS4, but Sony looks to be committed to cloud streaming for its vintage titles – and the idea of being able to access your old PS3 games through the tiny PS Vita TV is certainly mighty tempting.

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