With Prototypo, anyone can create their own fonts

Time to give Comic Sans and Helvetica a run for their money
With Prototypo, anyone can create their own fonts

Stop using Comic Sans in your presentation. Seriously. Instead, use a new set of fonts, designed and created by you. Yes, you, not some fancy-smancy designer. Well, unless you already are one.

Thanks to Prototypo, you can become your own fontsmith and create an entire font system all at once.

The new open-source, online typeface editor revamps a traditionally monotonous and tedious process by reforming the design procedure of fonts.

Instead of arduously working on one letter by letter, the application enables you to modify one of four basic typefaces – by tweaking its roundness, thickness or aperture in the current beta version.

Prototypo 1.0 is currently being worked on, and will feature more options, such as the capability to fiddle with individual letters and serifs, export various kinds of files and refine points on a letter for more detailed amendment. The final version will include more than 25 adjustable options.

One size too big, one size too small

With Prototypo, anyone can create their own fonts

And if you nitpicky people are still not satisfied with the outcome of your designer fonts, the makers of Prototypo are working to include the modification of your own fonts that aren’t Latin based.

Prototypo is currently a web-based application that will work on common browsers, even if you are using it offline. Prototype 1.0 will also be accessible on tablets.

With three days to go, the project’s Kickstarter campaign has surpassed its expectations, raising more than £27,500 (RM290,675) at the time of publication from an expected £12,000 (RM126,840) goal.

Can’t wait for the release? Calm down, we know it has got you all excited. You can get your hands on Prototypo 1.0 in September, and a subscription to the application will cost you a mere £9 (RM95) a year.

We foresee an influx of creative fonts bombarding our screens soon. And yes, no more Comic Sans, good riddance to that.

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[Source: Mashable]