Protect Your Smartphone From Bacteria With This Otterbox Screen Protector

Just what many of us need

Admit it, we all know our smartphones are filthy as we take it literally everywhere with us - as we eat, sleep and right down to our little toilet breaks. You can try to keep it clean, but not many of us have the cleaning solution on us all the time and wiping with a microfiber cloth isn't cutting it from keeping your smartphone bacteria-free. In comes a new hero; Otterbox's Amplify Glass Anti-Microbial.

Together with Corning, Otterbox came up with an EPA-registered antimicrobial screen protector that keeps the growth of several common stains and odor-causing bacteria at bay to protect the surface of the screen protector. According to Otterbox themselves at CES 2020: The antimicrobial property of Amplify screen protectors is embedded into the glass so it is able to maintain its damage resistance, optical clarity and touch sensitivity.

The Amplify screens will also offer up to five-times greater scratch resistance than the standard soda-lime glass as this screen protector has ionic silver embedded in the glass!

There's no word on price yet, and it seems that when it does become available it will only be for iPhones. Here's hoping us Android users can get in on some of that too, as I'm pretty sure we all need it.