The Prosthesis exoskeleton will mech you a better man

Fulfil your Pacific Rim fantasies by becoming one with this lean mean racing machine
The Prosthesis exoskeleton will mech you a better man

Green-eyed from watching Charlie Hunnam battle monsters in the relative safety of his humanoid robot? Lose the envy. You might captain your own mega mecha soon enough. 

Mecha Man

From the brains behind the creepily cool Mondo Spider come another mechanical beast of the future - a four-legged monstrosity towering at 4.8 metres with a puny human at the heart of it.

The Prosthesis is 3400kg of bone-shattering metal, complicated wiring and engineering wizardry. The pilot’s arms and legs are attached to the exo-skeletal interface which translates the moments to the four limbs of the lumbering mechanical beast. The machine is only capable of backwards and forwards movement, so scuttling along the shadows of a wall sideways is not an option.

Alpha Leg Up

To earn their place in the cockpit, wannabe pilots will first have to tame the Alpha Leg, a 2:3 scale prototype leg, to get a sense of what it takes to drive this racing beast. It doesn't just take the twiddling of a joystick; the harder the pilot pushes, the harder Prosthesis works in turn, making it a true blue sports machine. Although there are no monsters from the deep for you to battle, you’ll just have to settle for the gratification of making people’s jaws drop and being part of a mecha racing team one day.

Help make it a reality and the team might just sell you one in the future. That is, if you have the truckloads of cash this is bound to cost.