The Pretty Smart Lamp is a pretty cool way to find your phone

Tapping the lamp helps locate missing phones

Ever had to turn the lights on because you couldn't find your phone? The makers of the Pretty Smart Lamp know that feeling.

Bluetooth magic

The lamp is a pretty cool, albeit simple concept. What happens is that via Bluetooth, you can just tap on the lamp to activate the flash on your phone thus illuminating it for your convenience. Besides locating your phone, the lamp can also be configured for notifications.

It's not just one size fits all either. While the base is is standard, you can choose a variety of custom lamp shapes including a polar bear, wormhole and even a hand. The lamp also can detect temperatures and can be easily adjusted via the Yonomi app. Think being able to auto-set the lamp to turn when you enter or dim when you leave, even configuring your Sonos speakers to coordinate. Sounds like a cool setup and ripe for pranks. (We suggest Halloween music)

If you need a smart lamp in your life, back it at the Kickstarter with prices starting from US$80 depending on backer level.

[Source: Digitaltrends]