Pressy is a tiny, awesome Android controller that fits in your headphone jack

This tiny button can control all your Android functions – and it's raised all its Kickstarter funding in one day

Pressy's a new Android controller that wants you to keep it simple, stupid.

If you're sick of having to work your way through half a dozen actions just to fire up a flashlight or call your mum – and don't fancy using voice control to announce your intentions to the world – Pressy is just the thing for you.

Push the button


It's a little button attached to a headphone jack – pop it into your Android phone's headphone socket, fire up the associated Pressy app, and you can map different click patterns to standard smartphone actions. Two quick clicks to switch on your LED flashlight, three long presses to fire up the camera, and so forth.

If you want to listen to your tunes, plug in a set of headphones with an inline remote, and you can use the call button with the app to mimic Pressy's functions.

Pressy certainly seems to have clicked with crowdfunders – it raised all of its US$40,000 funding goal in its first day on Kickstarter, and is currently sitting at over $US150,000 raised, with 45 days on the clock. Looks like we have a new Pebble on our hands. 

[Source: Kickstarter via Engadget]