Power pandas and charging cows: juice up your phone with a cartoon character

Mimico is planning to expand its range of wacky memory sticks to power chargers for your gadgets

The firm has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for BatteryBots, its power-giving frogs, cows and pandas.

Down on the farm

Best known for its USB sticks, Boston firm Mimico is now hoping to launch a range of power packs with its wacky characters.

Each BatteryBot has a USB port to connect to your phone, iPad or whatever other USB-powered goodies you're packing.

It's charged via a MicroUSB cable, and will take five hours to juice up completely.

Although the firm is still deciding on exactly how much power it will pack, they say at the very least your BatteryBot will give iPhone 5 users three full charges.