Polyera Wove Band is a truly flexible wearable

With five inches of screen to look at, there's no more squinting at tiny LED or watchfaces

If you’re not convinced you need a smartwatch or smartband, the Polyera Wove Band is cool enough to make your reconsider. Rather than a boring watchface or tiny LED screen, it has large OLED and E-ink screens that take up most of the surface of this uniquely bendable device.

What Polyera did is use proprietary materials to create a bendable backplane – the portion of a smart device that usually houses the electronics that control the frontplane which houses the display.

Polyera calls its material Digital Fabric, which means it can spread out the components along its smartband and still have the entire band be bendable. Thus the Wove Band has five inches of screen length, meaning you could display a whole lot more on it.

Phil Inagaki, Polyera’s founder and CEO, said that he foresaw the technology opening up avenues for tech to be come more “soft, supple and organic”

The Wove Band will officially be showcased in a month, with free prototypes available to developers in September. As to the release, expect it sometime in mid-2016.

[Source: PSFK]