Polarr, the online photo editor that learns what you like

Its makers call it the Netflix of photo editors that will adjust itself according to your tastes
Polarr, the online photo editor that learns what you like

With the glut of image editors online, what does the creators of the new photo retouching app Polarr think it can offer? A smarter engine, apparently. See, Polarr gets used to your preferences and eventually learns enough to adjust itself to what you usually do.

The premise here is that by learning your usual way of doing things, it makes the process simpler and saves you time. This is of course on the assumption that your tastes are fairly predictable in the first place.

For power users or busy people?

Polarr, the online photo editor that learns what you like

It's fairly easy to get started with the app, though you will need to signup to the service to import photos. You can choose to drag and drop photos into the app or choose photos from your Dropbox account.

Once your photo is selected, you can then choose to create a Dynamic Style, which works by giving you a questionaire of sorts where it shows you a selection of filters. It then creates a style that is a combination of your selected preferences. You can even update it later by 'teaching' Polarr your tastes. Perhaps right now you're going through an old-film grain phase. Maybe later you'll eschew that for a more warmer cast.

Or you could just eschew styles and edit the basics: temperature, tint, exposure, gamma and contrast. Polarr also allows you to fiddle with light and shadows, colour channels, lens physics and lens distortions.

It could prove to be a welcome aid to photographers who need to do some quick photo edits online and their usual photo editor software isn't available. What is has going for it is its simplicity; the lower the learning curve, the higher the adoption rate, perhaps?

If you'd like to give Polarr a spin, then try it out online. This is the beta version currently with a full release still in the works. It also exists as a Chrome extension.

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