Polaroid's new app is the lovechild of Instagram and Snapchat

Instead of just static photos or ordinary videos, Polaroid wants you to take moving pictures

Against all odds, the Polaroid company is still alive though it lags behind in the mobile photography front, with Instagram currently the world's most popular mobile photography app. Well, the Polaroid Swing is a currently iOS-only app that adds a new little twist to taking photos on your phone.

The app creates what the company calls 'moving photos' - Basically you view them as stills but use your finger or a pointer across the photo on any screen, PC or mobile, and you will see it move. Think of it as a one-second soundless video.

Besides the interesting hybrid/video photo, the app also allows you to take 3D selfies, apply live filters and even create your own moving profile image, which you can add a tint to.

The social aspect of the app is of course by adding friends, where you can add them via Facebook or Twitter.

At the moment the app is free to download and iOS-only but an Android version is on the way. Download it from the App Store to give it a try. Or you could up your Instagram game with 16 tips for the ruling photo sharing app.

[Source: Engadget]