Polar Loop 2 is a big improvement to its predecessor

It's a pretty crowded market but Polar is still giving it a go

When Polar first came out with the first Loop, it promised a lot but didn't really deliver. The Loop 2 could make up for that.

The fitness band is designed pretty much like its predecessor, looking like a simple fitness tracker.  The outer band is made of soft silicon and polyuretherane material while still retaining a original steel buckle. Expect vibrations for various notifications, especially for inactivity and it is able to plot out basic metrics such as step count, distance, calories burnt, and your sleep activity.

Another plus point for the new Loop 2 is that the fitness data will no longer  rely purely on Polar’s own software like the previous Loop. So you can sync the band to other platforms such as Google Fit, Apple Health and MyFitnessPal.

The Polar Loop 2 will be available in 2 new colors, white and pink, and it will be on shelves in July for US$120, which is only US$10 more than the previous Loop.

[source : DigitalTrends]