Pokemon Masters Soft Launch Now In Singapore

For the rest of us, there's always pre-registration

It's just not enough that there's a Pokemon Center in Singapore, now it looks like they're getting Pokemon Masters first! The Pokemon Company has confirmed a soft launch for the game in Singapore and Canada, which has just been made available today. 

What this means is that those of you living in Singapore will get to download a more basic preview version of the game, with save data carrying over to the full version once its released. The next country to get another soft download is Canada, though they have yet to get a confirmed date.

This soft launch is only available for Android users though, so iOS users will likely have to wait with the rest of us. Be sure to go to this link and if you're in Singapore download the app, while the rest of us will have to pre-register!

Pokemon Masters is set to launch sometime this Summer, with no exact date announced.