Pokémon Go's new AR+ will make the game feel more real

Wait, whaddya mean it's not?

Niantic just announced an update to Pokémon Go, making AR+ available in the app.

More immersion

The maker announced the update - available to iPhones running iOS 11, from the iPhone 6s and newer - on its site.

What does this mean for players? Pokémon will now be fixed to a point in space, and you can walk up close to one and see how tiny Pikachu is or how big Snorlax is.

It’s a great way to feel even more immersed in the Pokémon world – there’ll even be an awareness meter next to the Pokémon so you don’t get too close and scare it away.

If you’re able to sneak right up to a Pokémon, you get a chance to earn Great and Excellent Throw bonuses as well as a new Expert Handler bonus, which will increase the Stardust and XP earned.

So if you haven't been playing Pokémon Go in a while, this could be an incentive to pick it up again. At least to see how far you can get to Charizard before being virtual toast.