Pokémon Go preps for selected Asian countries, but Japan launch delayed

Looks like Singapore will get its own Pokémon Go server but Malaysia won't

An email leaked the news that Japan would soon be getting Pokémon Go but it's rumoured that Niantic Inc is delaying the launch, because of fears the servers would be overloaded.

This will come as sad news for Japanese Pokémon fans who no doubt have been waiting for the game to reach them. New leaks also reveal that other Asian countries will see Pokémon Go soon, Singapore among them.

Slowly expanding into Asia

Pokemon Go Hub reported that the website MMO Server Status had revealed new servers located in Asia Pacific for Pokémon Go. How credible is it? So far MMO Server has been pretty accurate when it came to reporting the emergence of European servers for the game. The newly added servers are two in Hong Kong, and one each in Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

Noticeably left out in the list are Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam, which will likely upset Pokémon Go wannabe gamers from those three countries. Still, it is possible servers will show up in those countries eventually so hope remains eternal. After all, Reuters also reported Niantic's plans to go out to as many countries as possible but going for staggered launches instead of all at once.

Still, the game has been plagued by server issues from the start and last weekend it was hacked not once, but twice. For Asian gamers, think of it as the current players doing you a favour by beta testing the game first. No point getting the game first if it's going to crash on you or not let you log on, as has been experienced by players so far.

In the meantime, perhaps assuage your Pokémon impatience by rewatching the original series and playing some other Nintendo classics? Relax, you'll be a Pokémon trainer eventually and resist the urge to spoof your location and risk being banned from the game.

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