Pokemon And Tencent To Partner Up For A New Game

It's likely to be a mobile game

Both the Pokemon Company and Chinese internet giant Tencent has announced plans to develop a new Pokemon game. The two companies announced the partnership today and revealed that Tencent’s Timi Studio will lead development on the unannounced game. 

Timi specialises in mobile games development, including the upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile, so the new Pokemon game could be mobile as well. But other than that, not much has been revealed on the game and what it could bring.

The Pokemon brand is currently thriving on mobile. Niantic’s Pokemon Go AR game has been a smash hit, and there a new Pokemon mobile game from DeNA, Pokemon Masters, that will be released in Summer.

Nintendo, who co-owns the Pokemon brand, has been increasing their presence in China thanks to Tencent. The two companies already signed an agreement to bring the Nintendo Switch to China, and the new agreement between The Pokemon Company and Tencent will bring one of Nintendo’s biggest brands to the country too.