This Poké Ball-inspired Nintendo 2DS XL is almost too cute

Best for fans whose primary reason for owning a Nintendo handheld is Pokémon

Nintendo's been on a roll lately, with the popularity of its Switch console but it's not abandoning the Nintendo 2DS or 3DS. Its latest announcement is a special edition Nintendo 2DS XL with a Poké Ball-inspired design.

Bringing out the trainer in you

While the internals aren't different, the design is striking enough for it not to matter.

The clamshell design is in the distinctive red and white associated with Poké Balls, with a slight raised centre on the cover, to properly emulate a Poké Ball despite the console being oblong and not in the shape of an actual ball.

As for the availability, it will officially go on sale 3 November though a price has yet to be confirmed. As it's just a special design with no added games, it will probably cost around the same as the standard Nintendo 2DS XL.

Nintendo hasn't announced news of preorders but should they open, best get on it fast as limited editions usually sell out fairly fast.

[Source: Polygon]