PlayStation Plus Prices To Increase In Malaysia From 1 August 2019

If you haven't gotten that membership yet, better get it soon

It's official; Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that The PlayStation Plus subscription price will be increasing from August 1 2019. It's a good time to get started if you haven't, and if you're a subscriber, check your renewal date to see if you'll be affected.

This price increase isn't happening to Malaysia alone. It's also happening across Europe and Asia, with all of them increasing by August 1. The price increase will affect all types of subscription; 12-month, three-month and one-month. The new prices are as below:

If you're a subscriber, the good news is that according to the fine print you can stack up on your subscriptions so that you don’t have to pay the new price when your subscription expires. And well, if you're down on cash, your next best bet is to wait for a promo on the subscriptions; which, from what history has shown us, happens quite often. So take this latest update and plan your membership well!