Playr is the paint-by-numbers approach to making your own games

If you fancy making your own version of Angry Birds, now's your chance

Ever found a really crappy game on the App Store or Google Play and secretly thought "I could have done better"? Now's your chance with the Playr app (iOS-only, sorry) that lets you create your very own simple time-wasters. Don't expect hours-long, story-filled, heavily animated works of art. Think Flappy Bird, not Angry Birds.

Make your own timewasters

The brainchild of enterprising 18-year-old Chris Galzerano, Playr is built on templates. Among the templates available include space shooters, platform jumpers and yes, a flappy-bird type template called 'Flap'.

All you need is your iPhone and then you choose a template and customise your game. Use only what's available to you such as pictures and sounds on your phone as well as capturing fresh photos with your camera or new audio with your phone mic. You can also pay extra for more templates and after you're done with your game, just share it within Playr's own little social network that lets you see and play games made by other people. So far 13,000 games have been created within Playr, not bad at all.

Rather than spend your free time cursing over dumb games, why not make your own dumb game and have fun torturing people with it? Playr is free to download on the App Store.

[Source: Techcrunch]