Play Store family sharing lets loved ones access your games, movies and books

Google Play Family Library will be available within the next few days

Sharing, it seems, is in fashion these days – whether it’s letting your Steam contacts play your game library remotely or your mate down the road login with your Netflix details, tech these days is making it easier to lend to friends.

And now Google’s entered the fray in true grandstanding fashion with the Play Family Library, a new feature that allows you to share your Play Store purchases among your nearest and dearest.

Whenever you buy an eligible app, game, movie, TV show or book on the Play Store, you’ll be able to share it between up to six family members over multiple devices with no additional fee. All content can be shared via any Android device, while movies, TV shows and books can also be shared via iOS devices and the web.

Items can be stored in special libraries that determine their share-ability (just in case there’s something you want to keep all to yourself, while younger family members will have to have their shares approved individually.

Music already gets the communal treatment of course, with a Google Play Music family plan being added to the options in late 2015. It’s £14.99 (about RM80) a month and, again, supports up to six family members.

Google Play Family Library will be available over the next few days in the UK, US, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico and New Zealand. We'll be keeping an eye on when this'll be made available in this part of the world so stick around for the latest updates!