Play to Cure – Genes in Space: fly a spaceship to help cure cancer

Play this sci-fi shooter and you'll help scientists with their research into cancer. Fire up the lasers!
Play to Cure – Genes in Space

Casual games are often called "time-wasters." Not this one.

Play to Cure – Genes in Space puts you in the cockpit of a spaceship, flying through asteroid fields in a bid to collect as much "Element Alpha" as you can. So far, so familiar – but the route you're following is based on genetic cancer data.

By playing, you're helping to analyse genetic data, speeding up the process of identifying faults in the data and helping to advance cancer research. Not bad for a few minutes' casual gaming.

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The game itself is pretty basic; you're presented with a map showing concentrations of Element Alpha, and plot a route between the densest pockets of the space dust. Then it's into your spaceship, where you attempt to follow the course you've mapped, flying between waypoints and zapping asteroids.

Levelling up is based on how much Element Alpha you've scooped up; between missions you can sell your cargo to upgrade your spaceship.

We noticed a couple of bugs on our playthrough – Javascript errors and the occasional bit of lag. Once they're ironed out, though, Genes in Space will be a fine little on-rails shooter – and you can swoosh about space safe in the knowledge that you're doing something productive on your morning commute.

Play to Cure – Genes in Space is free to download for iOS devices at the App Store, and for Android devices at Google Play.

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