Plants vs Zombies 2 now available for download on the App Store

The highly anticipated sequel to popular tower defense time waster is now on iOS

Everyone loves a zombie game and Plants vs Zombies had that perfect mix of engaging tower defense and zombie devastation. Now the second game is out and ready for download on the Apple App store.

Even more zombie bashing fun

The follow up has all the hallmarks that made the original Plants vs Zombies a hit, with some additional improvements added in. There are more plants to send the zombies into devastation and the number of unique zombies has also been increased.

That's not all. Players can literally take a hand in the smashing of the undead with the new touchscreen power-ups letting them flick, pinch and zap zombies to oblivion. The plants themselves can get supercharged as well with the implementation of the new power up feature.

The best improvement, though, is the sheer amount of levels players will be getting once they download the game. The initial launch will see more than 60 levels implemented and as it gets updates, even more levels will be added on. Throw in a bunch of side missions and challenge modes, Plants vs Zombies 2 will be providing an endless source of zombie killing entertainment to anyone who gets it.

The game is already available from the App Store for free

[Image Credit: Edge Online]