Planet of the Apps is a reality show take on the world of apps

Watch as app developers attempt to persuade a stable of celebrity judges that their apps matter

A reality show about...apps? It sounds odd but Apple is taking a bet that someone would find the concept interesting. Behold Planet of the Apps.

Somewhat otherworldly

If you've watched the show Shark Tank, Planet of the Apps takes a similar tack - with a panel of judges (Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Will.I.Am and Gary Vaynerchuk vetting a nervous bunch of app developers, here to pitch their apps.

Should the pitch win over a judge, that judge would then go on to advise the person(s) under his or her wing with the goal of making a winning pitch to a team of venture capitalists to procure funding.

The 10 episode series will be available exclusively to Apple Music subscribers, but the first episode can be watched free here or via iTunes.

It is, as a concept, in line with Apple's efforts to support and highlight developers. It isn't an easy watch, though, and might only really appeal to developers with ambitions to make it big or who want a glimpse into what it takes to get their apps into the limelight. Still, in a world where coding has become a buzzword and everyone from corporations to pizza places want apps of their own, a show that highlights the challenges in getting to the big app leagues might be a welcome reminder.

What we really, really want though is that Carpool Karaoke series, Apple. Quickly get it over here and make it happen.