Place virtual furniture in your living room with 2014 Ikea Catalogue app

Scan Ikea’s furniture catalogue with the augmented reality app, and see sofas, beds and cabinets that are to scale magically appear in your pad
Ikea Augmented Reality App Main

Ah, the thrill of shopping for fresh smelling furniture to spruce up the new abode. Swedish home furnishing company Ikea has even brought the furniture home to you, through the Ikea catalogue app.

Digital Furnishings

But, the eager anticipation from flipping through a catalogue is always brought down by one question - will it play nice with the decor that you are eyeing? A new augmented reality (AR) feature for the 2014 Ikea Catalogue app (available on iOS and Android) will answer that easily.

Using the camera from your smartphone or tablet, the app scans and measures the physical catalogue, laid at the spot where you wish to place the furnishing, to judge the approximate scale. This allows it to creates an augmented reality image of the furniture to scale, and places it virtually in your living space. The final result? A mock-up of your living room, with the furniture on your wish list. The app lets you place 90 products to find the right setting and size for the perfect fit.


Ikea Augmented Reality App 01

The app will be available on iOS and Android from 25th August. Remember to grab a copy of the catalogue from your nearest Ikea showroom. Yes, you can get creative and And remember, what you see on the app isn’t real. Do not jump onto the virtual sofa and end up with a broken hip.

[Source: Dezeen via CNET Asia]