Pizza Hut now delivers a projector-in-a-box

We'll stick with the Pizza, thanks

Pizza Hut is trying to jazz up its lineup in Hong Kong by delivering what looks like little cardboard movie projectors.

You simply pop out the perforated hole that is on the side of the box and remove the projector lens from the specially modded pizza saver, slide it onto the hole that was provided. After that you just place your phone on the pizza saver (Yes! Itis also a phone stand!) inside the box and there you go, you have a projector(sorta) in a box.

The video quality from the box is shoddy but it does give that noir cinema feel and the sound quality is whatever you get from a phone in a box, unless you hook it up to a speaker system with the audio jack.

Pizza Hut took another innovative step by adding a QR code at the back of the box that allows you to download a movie digitally. Pretty cool, but we'll stick to Netflix, Pizza Hut.

[source : Gizmodo]