Pinterest's Lens is the Shazam for pictures you never knew you needed

Pinterest will now be your best online shopping buddy

While Google Images was a good start to help search for images, what if you just had an idea of what you wanted or wanted to find images related to said ideas? Pinterest wants to help you there.

Too easy to find your fix

What Pinterest offers is called Lens. It uses your camera to detect objects in the real world to suggest related items. Take a picture of an orange and you'd get suggestion of orange items or links to orange dishes, for instance.

Think of it as a Shazam for objects just for fun - whether food, furniture, clothes or even views of the night sky, Pinterest will return objects that it believes are related.

If for instance it detects a sweater, it might show pictures of said sweater in different settings or stylings. To complement Lens, Pinterest now also has "Shop the Look" which will find items in pins and then suggest links where you can buy them from.

Sadly Shop the Look will work mostly for American brands such as Macy's, Target and Neiman Marcus but who knows what might happen in future.

There's also something called "Instant Ideas" which suggests ideas based on what you pin. This means you can reshape your Pinterest feed without losing your spot in Pinterest, helping you customise your feed in real-time.

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