Pinterest app now lets you chat with your friends while you pin

Let's hope they don't come up with a spin-off app called Pin with Friends
Pinterest app now lets you chat with your pins with friends while you pin

Pinterest is rolling out a new messaging feature that lets Pinners talk and share Pins of interest without actually leaving the site or its app.

Roughly 2 million users send Pins every day, which was a feature introduced last year. Called Send a Pin, the feature would turn out to be the first step into turning this project board app into a full-blown social network.

Before today, Send a Pin simply sends an email with a link to the Pin of interest. Though it proved to be popular, users couldn’t respond or reply directly to the email and continue the conversation. Many simply replied to the notification email.

Pins, pins and more pins

Now, all sent Pins create a conversation tab in the corner of the Pinterest page which functions exactly as you’d expect a chat window to. Reply back and forth, sending another Pin in response all happens on the page itself. Pinterest’s Guided Search is also embedded directly into the chat window, which might turn the chat window into the default home of more social Pinners.

Being able to keep Pinners on Pinterest this way should put users into more familiar social networking territory. The messaging works a lot like any other social network’s message features with some notable exceptions.

Pinterest won’t keep a contact list to refer and track a Pinner’s online status on the main page, which is by design. The goal is to keep Pinners Pinning and Pinning well, and not turn Pinterest into another medium to ask your friend why he is late for lunch. You’re only shown a list of contacts after you choose to Send a Pin to someone.

Or someones. Yeah, you can have Pin-sharing groups which could be really helpful. Your weekly potluck group could be further encouraged with constant sharing of recipes and drooling over food photos. Or your group that is planning to travel to Europe could Pin back and forth over places to visit or stay. The possibilities are numerous.

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[Source: Techcrunch]