Pilot app is the offline navigation app for those hopeless with directions

App's makers says all you need is GPS and a digital compass on your device

Team Houchimin has found its niche: making navigation apps for people who have a terrible sense of direction. "But what about Waze? Google Maps?" For those who can't figure out maps, they're the equivalent of hieroglyphics, which is why it developed its app Waaaaay! for people who can't get used to maps. The team now has a new app called Pilot that instead focuses on offline maps that still provide navigation.

What the app makers found is that many people think that you need to have a cellular connection to use GPS, which isn't true. Pilot functions completely offline, thus saving you from hefty data charges and quickly draining battery.

Pilot aims for more than just navigating: it has content useful for travellers, allowing you to search popular destinations and find things like photos, opening hours and the like. It also lets you search for data on train transfers and like Waaaaay! it provides the map-less navigation that shows the distance and direction of your destination.

You can download Pilot free on the App Store, though it's currently focusing on Tokyo. Prototypes have been made and tested in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Barcelona with Kyoto, London, Taipei, New York, and Paris being cities that will most likely have their own versions soon. Consider getting this if you're headed to Tokyo anytime soon

[Source: Venturebeat]