Phone thieves beware, we can now Google lost phones

Just type find my phone in Google and voila - you've tracked down your missing handset

Google has always been a search engine at heart, regardless of its involvement in several markets. So making looking for your phone a search event? A no-brainer really.

Not too long ago in 2014, Google launched a tool called Android Device Manager that helped you find your lost Android phone. It would even remotely wipe your phone’s memory just to be sure. If the phone is nearby, Google can ring it for you. This is applicable only for Android 2.2 Froyo and above.

With that said, last month Google released a report stating that since the launch of the Android Device Manager, they have helped reunited more than 30 million Android users with their lost devices.

Reunited, it feels so good

Because of its effectiveness, Google now allows you to Google your phone without the need of an app on your computer. Here's how it works: if you have lost your phone, get to your computer. You need to also make sure that your phone's Google apps are all updated. Then, using Chrome and being signed onto Google, type in "find my phone".

See. As simple as that. You don't even have to log in to another account on your web browser (*cough*iCloud*cough*) and hunt your lost or stolen phone down. Pretty useful, unless it grew legs and plays hide and seek with you. But that's really taking it a little too far.

[Source: Venturebeat]