Philips 65PFL9708: Ambilight + 4K + Dropbox = blimey

65in 4K TV breaks cover at IFA - and it's packing all kinds of new cloud goodies
Philips 65PFL9708

Philips isn't the first TV manufacturer to go 4K, but its new 65in set sure packs in the tech.

For a start, the 65PFL9708 (catchy name, guys) has a 65in 3840x2160 LED-lit LCD screen with 900Hz motion processing, HD to 4K upscaling and 'Micro Dimming Pro' backlighting for improved contrast. So far, so standard, but it one-ups competition from Sony, Samsung and LG with three-sided Ambilight, the latest iteration of a fine Philips vintage that extends the picture with LED backlighting to the top and sides of the set.

Regular readers will know that Ambilight now integrates with Philips' Hue bulbs so your whole room will be lit up to mimic what's going on on-screen. It's extremely cool.

TV, now with Dropbox

Philips 65PFL9708
Philips 65PFL9708

The 65PFL9708 also offers Philips' new Cloud TV smart TV software running on a 6-core processor. Now this is neat. Your Philips TV can now access all of images, music and movies you have stored in Dropbox via the Cloud Explorer app, auto-organising playable files by media type. 

Other elements of Cloud TV include Cloud Gaming (a gaming apps library) and 'TV 3.0', a Boxee-esque list of hundreds of online TV channels all accessible through the Cloud TV interface. We're awaiting further details on exactly which services are available, though Netflix and iPlayer are present and correct.

There's built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi to connect, which also supports Miracast for mirroring your Android phone's screen.

The good news is the TV is available now. The bad news is that you might need to save a bit before you get one, as its RRP is €4999 (RM21,676). That's far from crazy by 4K TV standards, but it's still quite crazy.