The Phantom 2 Vision+ is the ultimate personal drone for movie makers and double agents

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The Phantom 2 Vision+ is the ultimate personal drone for movie makers and double

Look out, It's a killer flying X with a laser gun!No more sherbet for you. This isn't a murderous floating member of the alphabet. It's a drone. A flying machine with four propellors. A quadrotor, if you will. Get the picture?

So it's not going to zap me with lasers in my sleep?Not unless you've made some very powerful enemies, no. This is an updated version of DJI's Phantom 2 Vision, and it specialises in remote controlled arial video recording. No lasers involved.

It's packing the imaging power of a 14MP 1080p camera capable of guzzling up footage at 30fps. You can control it from up to 700m away, which is more than twice the range of its predecessor, making it even more flexible for filming scenes and/or seeing what your cat gets up to in other people's gardens.

I'm not a pilot. Can I still fly this thing?Of course you can. You can watch a live video feed from the Vision+ while it's flying around to help frame shots correctly, and it's capable of auto-hovering in winds up to 40kph so controlling it should be a breeze.

And even if your hands are a little shaky, the camera has 3-axis electronic image stabilisation to prevent nauseating shaky footage from ruining your shots.

I'd rather be in front of the lens than behind itWith those dashing good looks, who could blame you? The Phantom 2 has a built-in GPS module which means that it's clever enough to pilot itself along a pre-set flight path. Set the route, look up, and work your magic.

The GPS powers of the Phantom 2 Vision+ can also detect when it's close to restricted airspace, which means places like airports are sensibly off limits.

Do I have to sell my child to own one?It depends. Is he or she worth exactly €1070 (RM4810)? Because that's how much the Vision+ will set you back. A little pricey, yes, but well worth it if you plan on building up your very own spy drone army.

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