Peugeot AE21 carries your bag – and you – with hybrid power

Pedaling in the sun too sweaty for you? Let electricity waft you about in style with Peugeot's new hybrid bike
peugeot ae21

The hybrid electric bicycle lane is due to get more populated as Peugeot wheels out its AE21 hybrid ebike.

Given that Peugeot started manufacturing bicycles all the way back in the 19th century, we'd hope it knows what it’s doing. So far, the signs look promising – the AE21 ebike features a built-in laptop bag holder, ABUS Bordo folding lock storage and a lithium-ion battery all crammed into its Clever Case frame.

eWheels are the best wheels

peugeot ae21
peugeot ae21 clever case

More subtle design smarts include folding pedals and handlebars that let the bike sit flat against walls. There will be two versions: one with a front wheel driven hub motor and one with a belt-drive.

The AE21 will also come with two different battery options, both of which can be removed for charging if needs be. No pricing and release date yet though. 

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