Petaling Jaya and Georgetown get top billing for "selfiest"cities in the world

Congratulations Malaysia! PJ and Georgetown are now two of the top 10 vainest cities in the world
Map of selfies in Petaling Jaya

You just can't run away from selfies nowadays. TIME recently took their interest in selfies to the next level, surveying over 400,000 Instagram photos with the selfie tag from 459 cities around the world in order to study the geography of selfie taking

Their results were quite surprising. 

A city of vainpots

Map of selfies in Georgetown

After grading the cities according to how many selfies were taken per 100,000 people, two Malaysian cities actually made it into the top 10 - Petaling Jaya was fifth with a score of 141, while Georgetown registered a score of 95 selfie-takers per 100,000 to come in tenth. 

Aside from Petaling Jaya and Georgetown, there were two other Malaysian cities that made the top hundred. Kuala Lumpur was in 21st place with 51, and Johor Bahru came in 50th with 48. Not bad if we should say so ourselves.

So who had the dubious honour of being the most vain city in the world? Surprisingly, it went to our neighbour the Philipines, with Makati City scoring 258 selfie-takers per 100,000. With four other Filipino cities in the top 100, it’ll take a while for us to catch up.

No matter, with selfie-friendly phones like the Oppo N1 already in town, we’re pretty sure we’ll be climbing those charts pretty soon. Now if only we could remember what our Instagram password is.

Source: TIME