A personalised Uniqlo tee? There's an app for that

UTme! is a fun way to create t-shirt art even for the design-challenge thanks to a 'shake' mechanic
A personalised Uniqlo tee? There's an app for that

Snazzy Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo has come up with a novel way to sell personalised t-shirts with its UTme! app. What happens is that you download the app, fiddle around with some settings and hey, presto, you can upload your cool design to the UTme! website for kudos and to, oh, order it yourself.

Uniqlo's been good enough to release a fun video as well as a website where users can share their UTme! designs online or perhaps for other people to buy. Sure there are already plenty of uber-cool t-shirt stores online like Threadless but not everyone has the design chops for custom t-shirt making. UTme! gets that and simplifies the process.

You can either do finger sketches on your phone or take a picture or use and edit a picture you already have and then the UTme! magic begins.

The t-shirt designer in you

What is neat about the UTme! approach is that it makes creating decent-looking t-shirt designs fairly simple. It has various helpful filters and tools to optimise the photos or drawings you make - whether resizing, adding effects or just typing in cool-looking fonts in colours of your choice.

The 'killer' feature here is the shake function: shake your phone to mix up your design to add an extra veneer of cool. You may or may not like the resulting design, however. Uniqlo also cautions that the app is not keen on accepting copyrighted material though there is no telling if Uniqlo actually vets all the submissions or only acts if complaints are received.

UTme!'s website may be in English but the app on Google Play is in Japanese which might make downloading it a bit tricky.

The app is available for free for both Android and iOS.

[Source: Mashable]