People are glued to their mobile phones instead of their TVs

Fact: more people are watching movies on their mobile, which is slowly but surely killing the traditional screen
Admit it, you watch more shows on your mobile phones than TVs

How many people still religiously watch TV at home?  That number is almost non-existent, especially if you’re a millennial.

According to Maker Studios president of international, Rene Rechtman, TV is not the first screen for this younger generation but instead, their mobile gadgets are.

“They’re driving change in the way content is viewed. It’s now mobile first and 70 per cent of this age group use mobiles as their first source for content,” said Rechtman during a Digital Matters session at the annual All That Matters in Singapore.

Alongside Rechtman, some popular online stars took to stage to have a chat about the revolutionisation of online videos.

Delivering digital change

If you’re a millennial, you’re driving digital change

Germani Productions Malaysian vlogger and actor, Joseph Germani, mentioned that nobody, especially the youth, watch TV anymore and if they are, they’re watching TV shows on their laptops and mobiles.

“Tech is changing viewer behaviour and it’s crazy because it’s got the power to change the way people operate,” he said. 

Asian American rapper, comedian, and vlogger, Timmy Del La Ghetto, alleged the increasing number of digital content producers has altered the perception of what makes a celebrity and that fandom needs to be embraced.

“People don’t interact with me how they do around Brad Pitt. When my fans see me around, they’re at my face because they see me on their screens almost everyday and it’s like they know me personally and relate to me.”

And this trend of an emerging online talent base is only on a growth spurt in Asia-Pacific. founder, Gillian Tan, claimed that over the past two to three years, there has been an increase in the number of Asian talent on digital sites.

“They bring new buzz, and new energy to the digital world. Digital media sites such as YouTube gives people a platform to prove their talent and it lets people work for themselves,” she said.

Maybe now, this would give some of you aspiring YouTubers the confidence to become a household online superstar.

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