Pencil by FiftyThree pays homage to neglected pencils everywhere

This stylus takes its cues from the analogue wood-lead original
This stylus pays homage to neglected pencils everywhere

If your digits are too coarse for creating fine art on a tablet, pick up a stylus. Not just any stylus though, you will want the Pencil.

Pencil it in

Pencil it in

This refined version of the analogue shader might be a smidge larger than what you used back in kindergarten, but it resembles the reliable pencil right down to the eraser tip on its end. Its body is crafted from sustainably harvested wood and milled from a single piece of material, so don’t worry about getting any splinters.

And if you’ve been trained in the art of wielding a pencil, using the Bluetooth-enabled Pencil will come quite naturally. Sketch and colour with its never-blunt tip, turn it over to get rid of clumsy mistakes with its eraser end, and even use your fingers to smudge your lines out.

Its tip has been fine-tuned for that palm-pleasing amount of friction, while its insides come plated in 14kt gold to read every tap accurately. Adaptive palm rejection rounds out the old fashioned experience so you don’t have to awkwardly angle your hands, or besmirch them with lead transfer.

Fortunately, unlike real pencils, it never runs out of lead. A single charge which will take under 90 minutes can keep the Pencil sharpened for a good month’s worth of sketching.

Pair it with sister app Paper and you’re ready to go, digital Picasso.

[Source: FiftyThree]