Peekaboo, I see inside you

Sony’s 3D head mounted display, lets surgeons get voyeuristic with your insides in 3D

3D head mounted displays (HMD) aren’t a new thing with Sony, but this version has actual practical use.

The device is dubbed the HMM-3000MT and it works as a viewing end for a medical endoscope. What essentially looks like a retooled HMZ-T2, allows doctors to peer inside your body in 2D and 3D without having to rely on external monitors. This would supposedly give doctors more freedom of movement and improve precision while they’re checking your insides.

It carries the same hardware as the HMZ-T2, which is 720p 0.7inch OLED panels, but extra tweaks have been made so it’ll be more comfortable to use while in a standing position. There’s even a picture-in-picture feature for different operation views.

Unfortunately you won’t be seeing local surgeons donning this equipment yet as it’s only been approved for use in Japan. Besides, you never know if they're actually checking your insides out or watching a movie. Now that'll be pretty unnerving.  

[Source Endgadget]