Pebble's made sure you can keep using your watch

The Pebble servers might be gone, but the company is making sure your watches will be usable

Pebble the company will officially be dead soon, thanks to the Fitbit acquisition. But the company is making changes to ensure that when Pebble's cloud services are shut down it doesn't mean that your Pebble watch will stop working.

Continue sideloading

Pebble has updated its app on both iOS and Android, allowing Pebble watches to work without relying on the Pebble cloud.

This means that in future, Pebble smartwatches can sideload apps as well as new firmware independently of Pebble's servers. However there are features on Pebble that have relied on the cloud - dictation, messaging and weather functions, for instance. Pebble has not addressed how those things will work or if they will keep working at all.

Another addition to the update is that some features will be removed, such as the one that lets users suggest new features.

This means that your Pebble won't be a useless rock, but will probably not be as useful as before. It is unlikely Fitbit will keep the range around much longer, due to the line's lack of profitablity as well as the fear of affecting its own line of wearables.

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[Source: 9to5Mac]