Pebble teases a timely treat

Could it be time for a new smartwatch?

If you’ve been waiting for something Pebble-new, the company has reportedly sent out invites with this cryptic message.

There is currently a timer on the site - a line-up of Pebbles artfully employed for this purpose - counting down to when the new product will presumably make an appearance on the site. The time of reckoning is 10am EDT on 24 May, (10pm tonight).

If you're looking for more clues, Pebble has also unhelpfully tweeted this equally cryptic message:

Is it going to be a sweet deal? A new smartwatch? Accessories for existing Pebble watches? Only time will tell. If you're intrigued, you can always submit your email on their site to find out ASAP. 

[Pocket-lint, Digital trends]