Pebble iOS update adds sharing, more watchapps

Besides a major bug fix, patch brings added functionality too
Pebble iOS update adds sharing, more watchapps

If you've been getting bored or frustrated by bugs on iOS for your shiny Pebble, then be happy, for a new update now adds some nice tweaks to the Pebble app in the app store. If you haven't downloaded the app...why on earth do you own a Pebble?

Anyway, the 2.1.1 version of the app now adds sharing. Yes, whether through email, Facebook, Twitter or old-school text, you can now share your Pebble apps with friends.

All bugs and issues with the last version (2.1) have been addressed, and those updating from the older 1.0.x version will be pleased to note some new additions: a watchapp directory for you to seek the newest watchapps for the Pebble, a list of prior notifcations, a Watchapp locker, as well as a refreshed UI.

Pebble-ing along

Pebble iOS update adds sharing, more watchapps

The Pebble seems to be holding its own in a sea of upcoming wearables from Samsung, Sony and the as-yet-unconfirmed one from Apple.

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[Source: TUAW]