Pay US$9.99 per month, get ad-free and exclusive music content on YouTube

And it's going to be called YouTube Music Key. We're not kidding about the name, but we hope Google is
Spotify for video is here - YouTube Music subscription outed

Just in: Google's YouTube subscription service has finally leaked. Over at Android Police, there's some interesting screenshots and tidbits about the service which could be used to help promote Google's current music subscription.

The name of the service? YouTube Music Key. Let's just hope it's a temporary name as whoever in marketing thought the name was a good idea, needs to be told it isn't. But apparently Google Play Music All Access will also be renamed Google Play Music Key. Right.

Video and music, maybe. Video only?

Spotify for video is here - YouTube Music subscription outed

What will you get for US$9.99? No ads, offline playback and audio-only playback if you so desire. Isn't that what tabbed browsers are for? And seeing how the average consumer puts up with advertising on television, you wonder just how many people would pay for the privilege of not getting served Google's targetted YouTube ads.

When the service launches, users will get a 30-day music trial, much like what you get for trying out Google Play Music. There are also likely going to be bundles for the service - signup for YouTube Music Key, get Google Music Key as well.

Thing is, indie musicians have apparently been rather resistant to Google's overtures but then the backlash against streaming services isn't just limited to YouTube but other players like Spotify as well. So until the licensing issues are sorted, there's no telling when the service will be launched. It's perfectly plausible that Google launches the service first by leaving out artists that haven't signed a deal.

At presstime, the URL YouTubeMusicKey has been registered and terrible name or no, maybe Google has finally unlocked a way to make money off YouTube besides very annoying advertising.

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[Source & pictures: Android Police]