Parrot’s new 50mph drone looks like a Stormtrooper stealth bomber

Sleek, sexy and faster than an unladen swallow on speed

Parrot has unveiled a new drone at CES which is capable of carving through the sky at a speedy 50 miles per hour.

Dubbed the Disco, it looks like a stealth jet with a Storm Trooper paint job, with a single rear propellor providing all the oomph it needs.

Users initially get it airborne simply by throwing it in the air, while stabilisation is taken care of by a built in gyroscope. It also packs in a magnetometer, barometer and a GPS speed sensor, along with an autopilot system to prevent any nasty accidents.

The tip of the Disco houses a digitally-stabilised 14MP camera too, and footage is saved directly to its 32GB of internal storage.

If it does happen to crash, we’d like to think that its plastic carbon composite frame and strengthened foam body should take the brunt of an impact relatively comfortably, but if not, the wings are detachable for easy replacement.

The Disco is good for 45 minutes per charge, and is able to land by gliding softly down to the ground like a plane.

Pricing and availability are not available at the moment, but we’ll keep an eye out for more information in the hopefully not-too-distant future.