Paper wizard makes airplane model from folders

Luca Iaconi-Stewart takes paper airplanes to a whole new level

A man drops out of college to build the most detailed paper aircraft ever. Sounds too whimsical to be true, but it is. Luca Iaconi-Stewart has been painstakingly fashioning a paper airplane from, of all things, paper manila folders.

Based on a diagram of an Air India 777-300ER plane he found, he ported the design to Adobe Illustrator, printed it to manila envelopes and cut out the pieces with his X-Acto knife.

Genius or insanity?

(Photo sourced from Luca Iaconi-Stewart's Flickr)

Beautiful detail, painstaking craft

The pictures on Iaconi-Stewart's Flickr page show the model in various stages. It's easily apparent how much detail has gone into the model - from the cut out IATA logos to the seats and cabin doors.

According to an interview he did with Wired, this enthusiast designed the engine in one month, assembled it in four and redid the plane's tail three times. Now that's dedication.

His parents have been patient enough to put up with him dropping out of Vassar college, just so he can dedicate his time to finishing the model. They're probably hoping that at the very least his skills will come in handy when he gets, oh, a real job.

[Source: io9]