Panasonic's DX802 could be a TV - or it could be a work of art

Easel stand means this 4K beast will take over your living room

Panasonic TVs and great image quality go hand-in-hand, but now the TV itself will look just as good.

The upcoming VIERA DX802 was revealed today at Panasonic's European forum, and it's absolutely gorgeous. The 50in and 58in sets won't replace the DX900 at the top of the 2016 range, but in terms of style, they definitely have the edge.

Instead of a regular stand, the DX802 is suspended on an easel, with a sound bar hanging underneath to give it a serious sound boost. Everything's made from polished metal, with a seriously thin bezel that makes it look like the screen is floating in front of you.

Panasonic says it took inspiration from European furniture designers, and considering the massive footprint the easel stand takes up, it might as well be an entirely separate piece of furniture to make room for - but if the TVs on show at CES were any indication, the picture quality should more than make it worth the effort.

As you'd expect from a top-end TV, the DX802 has all of Panasonic's image quality tweaks and features, including high dynamic range (HDR) support, THX 4K certification, and the Studio Master HCX image processor to really make colours pop and blacks look almost as deep as OLED, even on an LCD panel.

Panasonic is sticking with Mozilla's FireFox OS to provide Smart TV, with all the on-demand video and catch-up TV you'd expect. Amazon Prime will be available to stream in HDR, and Netflix should hopefully folllow later.

There's no word on a price or when the TV will actually launch, but with the press conference over and the hands-on demos kicking off, we'll bring you any updates if we can squeeze the info out of Panasonic later this afternoon.