Panasonic Unveils Two Digital Cameras Under the Radar

4K recording with optical image stabilization

Panasonic has just unveiled two point-and-shoot digital cameras without anyone realising - most likely not to pull attention away from their new full-frame mirrorless cameras, the S1 and S1R. But I digress, these two cameras are the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 II and Lumix TZ95.

Both of these cameras, again, are point-and-shoot cameras with the FZ1000 II having a DSLR-like body and the TZ95 having the compact body. Their bodies correspond to their sensor sizes as well - both are around 20MP but the FZ1000 II has a one-inch CMOS sensor with 5-axis stabilisation while the TZ95 has a 1/23-inch CMOS sensor with unclarified optical image stabilisation as well.


The FZ1000 II has a mechanical shutter that shoots up to 1/4000s shutter speed and an electronic shutter for up to 1/16000s shutter speeds. Burst speeds vary from 2fps up to 30fps depending on the resolution. The TZ95 uses only an electronic shutter for up to 1/16000s shutter speeds and up to 10fps burst speeds. Their ISO range differs as well because of the sensor sizes - ISO 125-12800 for the bigger FZ1000 II and only ISO 80-3200 for the TZ95.

The FZ1000 II has a more impressive video capabilities - recording Full HD up to 120fps and 4K up to 30fps, with the TZ95 recording 4K up to 30fps as well.


The FZ1000 II will be retailing for USD897.99 or approx. MYR3,667 and the TZ95 is going for USD447.99 or approx. MYR1,830