Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 lays claim as the tiniest mirrorless camera ever

The Japanese firm's latest interchangeable lens snapper is so petite, it'll make high-end compact cameras stick out like a sore thumb
Panasonic GM1 lays its claim as the tiniest mirrorless camera ever

Sony might have shrunk their Alpha camera to a more manageable size but Panasonic has taken it a step further. Their latest mirrorless camera, the Lumix DMC-GM1 beats any of the competition hands down when it comes to size.

To put that into perspective, Sony’s compact single-lens camera, the Sony RX100, measures 101.6 x 58.1 x 35.9mm. The GM1 measures in at 98.5mm x 54.9mm x 30.4mm and it still manages to fit a 16-megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor in.

Panasonic has managed to stuff a 3in touchscreen, Wi-Fi and a pop-up flash into the compact mirrorless camera.  What it lacks are physical controls, though Panasonic still managed to cram in a mode dial, function button and 3-way switch. 

Everything the GX7 is, just smaller

The GM1 packs everything that its bigger brother the GX7 has, including a 16-megapixel Live-MOS sensor, Venus Engine image processor, ISO up to 25,600 and fast autofocusing functions.  You'll have to live with some compromises such as the lack of an electronic viewfinder and an articulated LCD screen. 

The kit lens is equally impressive. Built specifically for this model, the 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens is perfectly fitted for the GM1 and even collapses into a more compact size to fit into your pants. A Leica Summilux-branded 15mm f/1.7 lens is also planned for this petite shooter.

The GM1 has no lack of lenses to choose from since it is compatible with Panasonic's extensive range of Micro Four Thirds Lumix lenses. Just don’t expect it to be as pretty or fit comfortably inside your pockets, unless you are wearing a size 44.

So where does this compact mirrorless camera fit in this ever-expanding world of cameras? Considering its size and price at USD$749.99 (RM2360), it's more likely to be taking on Sony's RX100 (RM2199) and RX100 II (RM2499) cameras. They’re almost the same size and most importantly, around the same price. The GM1, however, has the added advantage with its wide range of interchangeable lenses. 

Source: Panasonic via The Verge