This pair of smartglasses will let you see cancer

You won’t get them off the shelves though as they’re for OR use only
Cancer detecting smartglasses

More accurately the eyewear in question allows surgeons to identify cancer cells while performing cancer removal surgeries. 

Developed by a Washington University research team this pair of high-tech headwear is loaded to the brim with custom software that’ll paint cancer cells blue for easy detection. After that it's just simple game (ok maybe not so simple) of carve the cancer out. This method leaves no stone or rather no cell unturned and that’s good news for cancer patients since there’ll be less need for follow-up surgeries.

If you think this pair of miracle smartglasses is still in its conceptual stages, think again. A Washington Univeristy doctor has already used it in actual surgery on February 10. Of course there’s still some testing needed before it gets a full rollout.

We wonder if they’ll be able to shrink it to the size of the Google Glass. Just imagine the possibilities of a pair of consumer smartglasses that can detect cancer. The hypochondriacs in us just can’t wait. 

Source: Gizmodo